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Bug#120309: ITP: sbuild -- Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources

James Troup wrote:
> Rick Younie <younie@debian.org> writes:

> > The sbuild package chroot creation sucks 
> So use debootstrap and buildd.chroot[1] then.  It would only takes
> about 5 commands more and you could ditch buildd-setup-chroot
> entirely.

buildd-setup-chroot requires a local archive, no?  I've never
used it.  I included a script and some instructions on building
pot./sid chroots starting with the base2.2 tarball, copying,
dist-upgrading.  Sucks hard, but I know it works.

I had some problems with debootstrap in the past (haven't looked
recently) so I thought I'd wait a while before using it here. Didn't
know about buildd.chroot.

> > It might make sense to add sbuild to your package,
> Err, I really don't think so.  But hey, it's your time.

Which is why I tried to push it on Junichi.:-)  I don't really need
another package. The sbuild stuff is simple because my nose is in it
every day but the chroot side is a PITA.

But you've convinced me (I'm easy). I won't have a decent machine for a
couple weeks. I'll check out buildd.chroot and debootstrap then.

> > There's currently a little fork with the sbuild in most common use
> > and CVS.
> Err, no there's not?  apt patches got merged...

I packaged the sbuild with the patch Ryan posted to -disc.  CVS
still has the FetchFile stuff as fallback.  My understanding is
that would be removed if it works OK over the next few weeks.


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