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Bug#120309: ITP: sbuild -- Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources

Rick Younie <younie@debian.org> writes:

> Adding -devel; trying to get some feedback before uploading.  It's
> only at the works for me stage.

Removing -devel, because it bores me.

> The sbuild package chroot creation sucks 

So use debootstrap and buildd.chroot[1] then.  It would only takes
about 5 commands more and you could ditch buildd-setup-chroot

> It might make sense to add sbuild to your package,

Err, I really don't think so.  But hey, it's your time.

> There's currently a little fork with the sbuild in most common use
> and CVS.

Err, no there's not?  apt patches got merged...

> If you want to combine the two packages, I could co-maintain until
> this settles down; or not?

IMNSHO pbuilder is a red herring; if you're going to package sbuild
feel free, but I think any kind of chimera hybrid with pbuilder is ill
advised at best.  YMMV.


[1] auric:~rmurray/buildd.chroot

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