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Bug#117589: ITA: gtranscript -- GNOME SQL database client

* Jan-Hendrik Palic <jan.palic@linux-debian.de> [20011101 15:19]:
> > I think you should do an ITA aswell... to make sure no-one else is
> > doing the same?
> Can you file a wnpp-bug for these packages relating to gtranscript,
> so I can retitle the bugreports to ITA?

Michel doesn't have time to fix his packages and now you want him to
post useless wnpp bugs?  Just file your ITA bugs and be done with it
(this has been done before).  Or even better, since the story of you
adopting those packages has been archived in this bug already, just
upload new packages and put

  * New maintainer (see #117589).

in the changelog (and "* New maintainer (closes: #117589)" in the
changelog of gtranscript).

Martin Michlmayr

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