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Bug#110802: openjade, opensp

On Sat, Sep 15, 2001 at 11:46:15AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Current status: I have built a potato package of 1.3 (since this is what I
> > needed for work), but being based on the jade 1.2 sid package I guess it can
> > be rebuilt for sid with little problems.
> You mean the latest Jade 1.2.1 right?  I think it would be easier to
> derive from the openjade in unstable because the jade package includes
> sp and jade and two lib packages rather than one, so openjade is
> closer...

I had tried that first but it required more work.  Eg, the configure
switches have changed.  From 1.2.1 I find it quite direct.

> > If you intend to modernize the jade 1.2 packaging, I can update the package
> > then. 
> What's so non-modern about it?

You said something about "transition to the new sgml-base system".
Ah, now that you ask, I think debhelper could be used more in the
rules file (and I think I did that).

> > Also, I have potato rebuilds of opensp, jadetex, docbook-dsssl, and a couple
> > of things, all done for work, which I'll put on the alcove-labs.org apt
> > repository ASAP.  Should register it in the page of unofficial apt sources
> > as well.
> I might be interested in that for work.... what's the URL?

www.alcove-labs.org.  The apt-source line should be mentionned
somewhere.  But the SGML stuff is not there yet - I'll tell you when
it is.

CC: me@work as a reminder :)

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