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Bug#110803: openjade, opensp

Hi Chad, Hi Adam,

On Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 01:34:01PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Chad Miller <cmiller@surfsouth.com> writes:
> > Well, it's too important to let decay, and I have a few spare clockcycles.
> > I'll pick them up.  Do you have any work-in-progress to pass on?
> Yes... we can work together on it too.

Cool, more people working on this :)

> Also, Yann Dirson is intending to package OpenJade 1.3 based for its
> vastly faster speed.  Perhaps you and he could get together and
> coordinate this...  I see his desire to use the faster OJ 1.3, but I
> pointed out that 1.4 has a lot of bug fixes, porting fixes, etc.

Current status: I have built a potato package of 1.3 (since this is what I
needed for work), but being based on the jade 1.2 sid package I guess it can
be rebuilt for sid with little problems.

If you intend to modernize the jade 1.2 packaging, I can update the package
then.  Anyhow I'll try to package it for woody next week (slow modem issues
don't make uploads easy for me however - hopefully I'll have ADSL in a
couple of weeks).

Also, I have potato rebuilds of opensp, jadetex, docbook-dsssl, and a couple
of things, all done for work, which I'll put on the alcove-labs.org apt
repository ASAP.  Should register it in the page of unofficial apt sources
as well.

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