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Re: Bug

On Fri, Feb 05, 2021 at 09:15:35PM +0100, Maxime Lombard wrote:
> For example, I sent an email two weeks early to share my salsa repo
> and show you all the change i done to build correctly Wine 6.0 in
> accordance with the debian rules
> It's disheartening and frustrating that no one is interested in the
> work in progress.

Hi Maxime, I'm new to the wine team, but I can at least explain the
silence for you, hopefully that'll help manage expectations. There's no
great conspiracy to ignore contributions, but it's just an unfortunate
timing conflict between the wine and the debian release schedules that
means this will keep happening.

I got curious, so I found all the relevant dates since wine switched to
calendar releases in January. Note that debian freeze also starts in
January of odd years, so as you can see, even years are easy to upload
soon after upstream.

    | rc1        | release    | upload     | testing
6.0 | 2020-12-04 | 2021-01-14 |            | 
5.0 | 2019-12-13 | 2020-01-21 | 2019-12-18 | 2020-02-23
4.0 | 2018-12-07 | 2019-01-22 | 2018-12-11 | 2019-02-01
3.0 | 2017-12-08 | 2018-01-18 | 2018-01-21 | 2018-01-26
2.0 | 2016-12-09 | 2017-01-24 | 2017-04-04 | 2017-07-28

Wine 2.0 missed out on Debian 9 stretch and wine 6.0 will miss out on
Debian 11 bullseye. Only with concerted effort and early work was wine
4.0 uploaded and all its reverse dependencies tested in time for Debian
10 buster. The very first mailing list post mentioning wine 6.0 wasn't
until yours on 2021-01-13 which realistically is a month too late, I
suggest you put a reminder in your calendar for wine 8.0 packaging
towards the end of November 2022.


> Even if the message is only "Thank you for your, i don't have time to
> review/check your work currently. I'll be back to you soon"

For a *team* of volunteers this makes no sense. Individuals' motivation
ebbs and flows, and may be absent from the project for weeks. If I saw a
teammate reply with something like that, I would often assume they had
it in mind and so I'd spend my time somewhere else in debian.

When a release is upcoming, I imagine most DDs have a mental list of
what they'd like to push through in time and will likely not complete
all of it. They might be making quick judgements on every incoming email
whether it's something that needs dealing with or can wait until after
Hard Freeze. Emails about wine 6 in January would fall into the latter
category and so receive the same silence yours did. That doesn't mean
your contribution isn't valued, it'll just be looked at later due to


Please don't get discouraged, and do take the time to understand why we
rebuild various artifacts that are just distributed as part of the
upstream release - it's to make sure the source is complete and free.

Phil Morrell (emorrp1)

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