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[pkg-wine-party] libgphoto2 dropped its /usr/lib/*.la

Hi folks,

this quick mail to tell you libgphoto2 dropped its *.la files (only
those directly under /usr/lib, not the ones shipped along the plugins)
in 2.4.1-1. During the first preparation phase, like 2 months ago, I
built your packages with the old and the new libgphoto2-2-dev packages,
and nothing broke. Quite some time (unfortunately) afterwards, I
finished the packaging and uploaded it (less than an hour ago), possibly
in time for lenny.

First, we didn't bump the shlibs, and second, it looked like all
packages already had the same version in unstable and in testing, so
this upload shouldn't postpone any migration.

You're of course welcome to let us know whether something breaks with
this package, so that we fix it ASAP. In this case, I guess that
replying to the pkg-phototools team only should be sufficient.

Thank you for your attention, and for any feedback.


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