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[pkg-wine-party] Bug#490759: wine: package development branch (1.1.x) in experimental?

Package: wine
Version: 1.0.0-1
Severity: wishlist

Please package wine's development branch (1.1.x) for experimental.


      * Fixes for Photoshop CS3 and Office 2007 installers.
      * More progress on gdiplus.
      * Support for Unicode files in regedit.
      * Improved video playback.
      * Many Richedit fixes and improvements.
      * Various bug fixes.


      * Many more gdiplus functions implemented.
      * Improved graphics tablet support.
      * Many Richedit fixes and improvements.
      * Support for HWND_MESSAGE windows.
      * A lot of new MSHTML functions.
      * Many fixes in MSI registry handling.
      * Initial implementation of the inetmib1 DLL.
      * Improvements to the quartz renderers.
      * Various bug fixes.



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