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Re: How to get started

Jakob Eriksson wrote:

Users should be able to use just apt/dpkg to access native win32 ports of for example Gimp, Mozilla, etc. without having to install a whole Debian subsystem. The idea would be that once a user discovers the

And this is not aiming to high?  Well, good luck implementing apt
without the Debian subsystem.  But I would love to be proven wrong.

It's not so much that there shouldn't be any Debian subsystem, it's more that it should be fairly hidden from the user and as minimal as possible.

On the other hand, it should also be easy to just apt-get some additional packages and end up with a full Debian system.

The approach could probably be that there would be a minimal Cygwin/Debian setup, that is by default installed in for example c:\Program Files\Debian in case the user is just interested in native packages and c:\Debian in case the user wants a real Debian environment.

If native packages would have the possibility to install anywhere they like and sources.lst by default only contains repositories with native packages, the Debian directory under Program Files should stay fairly small.

-- Arend --

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