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Re: How to get started

Am Di, den 02.12.2003 schrieb Arend Lammertink um 10:59:
> I've done some googleing and it looks like it is possible to rename a 
> file that's in use (from the command-line). Of course, there's no way to 
> find out if this works _all_ the time, but according to 
> http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&selm=9486169wnr%40ttelmah.demon.co.uk
> it should work:
> If he's correct that MS also uses this method, it shouldn't be too 
> difficult to just rename the file inuse and delete it later if it's not 
> in use anymore.

This procedure, to schedule file replacements for the next reboot,
really seems brain-damaged to me. It looks like an ugly work-around.
It could imagine that it would be better to modify the EXE loader in
Windows (and DLLs are EXE to Windows AFAIR) to copy the executable to a
special location hidden to applications and users first and execute it
from there.
Sure, we would lose a lot of performance doing it that way, but OTOH
this would make Windows behave like I expect it from experience with
usual OSes like SunOS or Linux. And, we will not run into problems after
an update, like it has to expected when a new EXE requires a changed
data or config file format which isn't compatible to the old version.

Anyone played around with this approach more in-depth? Haven't done
serious Windows development any more for ten years now...

Holger Spielmann

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