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Re: Planning: General Timelime

Brian White wrote:


1a) Find a repository for binary packages.  Who can host an access site?  I
    have a machine with a reasonably static IP address (i.e. DHCP but hasn't
    changed in over 6 months), but probably not enough disk space to host
    things once they really get going.  I don't think it's worth troubling
    the main Debian site until we have at least a base system running.

I can host CVS and files at vmlinux.org.
(But maybe better to use Savannah or Sourceforge.)

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Here is what has been loosely agreed upon.  Comments, suggestions, & changes
are still welcome.

Minimum System Requirements:
 - Pentium class with MMX technology (or compatible)
 - Windows 2000 or XP base operating system (Win95/98/ME/NT not supported)

NT has the same relevant capabilities as 2000 and XP, so no reason
to exclude it.

General Guidelines:
 - Match other Debian architectures as closely as possible, even at the
   expense of being different than the original CygWin distribution.

Cygwin works so well it has held back a Debian port to Win32, IMHO.


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