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Minimum System Requirements (was: Make and .exe Files)

> NTFS supports hard links, and Cygwin makes use of that, however, FAT32
> even on NT doesn't so Cygwin does some magic to make it work.  However,
> that magic involves funny file names and file attributes that will cause
> CreateProcess problems.

Would it not be reasonable to say "requires NT with NTFS"?  We don't have
to be fully generic.  If somebody wants to run under other environments,
they could always install CygWin directly.

How about "Minimum System Requirements":
 - Pentium II, 128MB ram, 1GB disk
 - Win2k or WinXP

The CPU really doesn't matter much other than optimizing the compiles.  What
is a reasonable "minimum CPU instruction set" for a computer bought within
the last 2 years?

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