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Re: Make and .exe Files

Brian White wrote:
I notice you were unable to answer the question of who would fix all the
Debian makefiles to accommodate ".exe". Without which, the project is
never going to work on any significant scale.

Out of curiosity...  How about a simple hack.

 - build everything as per normal
 - create links from .exe versions to the real files as part of the
   packaging process

I'm new with CygWin...  Can't remember if it will execute files without
a .exe extension.

At least on NT you can execute a program without a .exe suffix but if you create a non executable file name such as a .lnk file then you're liable to crash the OS. I.E.: If you ``ln -s foo foo.exe'' what is created in reality is foo.exe.lnk and when you try to execute that, it won't work.


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