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Re: Call for direction in the packaging of windows packages inside of debian and the running under wine.

On Sat, 2002-09-21 at 01:17, Paul Baker wrote:
> [...]
> just a thought, but should we be qualifying an architecture in addition 
> to the win32? ex. gettext_0.10.40-5_win32-i386.deb. I say this because 
> you can installed NT 4.0 on mips, alpha, and powerpc in addition to 
> i386. So wouldn't that mean that debs would need to be compiled on 
> these other architectures for win32? I doubt that anyone would ever do 
> this, but shouldn't we account for the possibility?

Yes, good thought. Let's hear what the community means, but I think that
should be the way.

	-- hgb

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