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Re: Next Steps - As I see them

On Sat, 8 Dec 2001, Augustus Saunders wrote:
> I must admit that this line of discussion makes me a little nervous.  
Indeed, it's making me more and more nervous as I go along.  Somthing is
becoming abundantly clear -- I'm really good at making plans for other
people.  Somthing I really need to stop.

> [next: apt-get, then packages, then installer]
Right.  I quite agree as far as the ordering goes; I just want to make
sure that having a debian system that uses the cygwin base is the goal,
and not having debian packages that are installable inside cygwin being
the goal.

I'm going to start lurking on the list again, at least until I get a
chance to take a good look at some code.

	-=- James Mastros
"In the case of alchemy v chemistry the chemists know whether it will
probably go bang before they try it (and the chemical engineers still duck
anyway)."	-=- Alan Cox

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