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Re: dpkg available

"Mark Paulus" <mpaulus78@earthlink.net> writes:

> Anyway,
> do you have ntsec set as part of CYGWIN?
> (export CYGWIN=ntsec binmode ......)
> Oh, where to start after that????
> Are you running cygwin's inetd, and starting telnetd/rlogind
> from there?  And, are you configuring/starting them via the
> 'net start inetd' command?   This is necessary to give login
> the proper privileges to do the context switching to another
> user.  Make sure you run inetd --install-as-service, and reboot
> after that.  Also, make sure you go into NT's service manager,
> and disable NT's telnet and ftp service.
eh, I think I have to RTFM...

[10 minutes later]

I found no informations on cygwin.com, but google gives me an "HOWTO
Configure inetd to run under Cygwin for Windows 2000 or XP Pro" :


> Then try to telnet into your box, using root as the userid, and 
> the administrators password.
> HTH, & YMMV, but it's what worked for me.
It works for me now (eg login as root) :-)


except this :-(

$ dpkg -i dpkg_1.9.18_w32.deb
dpkg: `ldconfig' not found on PATH.
dpkg: `update-rc.d' not found on PATH.
dpkg: 2 expected program(s) not found on PATH.
NB: root's PATH should usually contain /usr/local/sbin, /usr/sbin and /sbin.

Julien Gilles

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