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dpkg: adding a "Kernel:" tag to control files

Package: dpkg
Severity: wishlist


I'd like to suggest adding a "Kernel:" tag to the control file. I think
it'd be very useful to allow combinations of kernels and architechtures
that need to be done manually as now. Moreover, in the future with
the coming of kernel-ports like GNU/Hurd, GNU/*BSD and GNU/W32, this
would become still more useful.

The most dramatical situation we could find is that, if someday we have a
port for, say, each of the 45 (and more to come) architechture NetBSD is
to, the maintainer of a netbsd-specific package will be forced to type
the architechtures:

Architechture: netbsd-i386, netbsd-.... (up to 45 entries)

While if we had a Kernel: tag it'd be as simple as this:

Architechture: any
Kernel: netbsd

Please implement this feature, for this would add a lot of flexibility to
working on non-linux ports.


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