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Re: Build failure because python3 isn't found


Le samedi 19 septembre 2020 à 20:35 +0200, Mattia Rizzolo a écrit :
> You don't have a build-depends on python3, so where is your
> surprise?..
> It seems to me that a makefile from that package is using python3
> directly.   Probably something else before was pulling it in (same in
> your chroot...) And now it isn't anymore.  That's a RC bug waiting to
> be filed.

There might even be *several* RC bugs there :

(1) my giac package needed to have an explicit dep on python3, because
obviously it was depending on something else pulling it in -- no need
to file one, I have uploaded already ;

(2) the various schroots I have used to test my package, both before
the upload (on my box, kept up to date) and after I saw the problem (on
several porterboxes, hopefully maintained up to date), should perhaps
have some bugs filed, since they miss one of their goals -- checking
the correctness of b-deps. But there I'm a bit at loss as to where
filing those.



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