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Re: clear extra-depends for pocl/mips64el

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu@debian.org> (2020-04-27):
> On 25/04/2020 18:28, Philipp Kern wrote:
> > So I *think* that worked, because it calls update_source_info, setting the
> > extra_depends field. The database query confirms that the field was cleared. I'm
> > not sure if --extra-depends= was actually needed as --override is supposed to
> > put the package back into Needs-Build anyway, from BD-Uninstallable.
> It is needed, otherwise it will go into needs-build with the same
> extra-depends field

I think that's what I noticed with a bare gb -o, yes. :)

> and the next build or dose run (whichever happens first) will put it
> back into bd-uninst. The same can be achieved with wb btw, from my
> bash history:
> wb gb gnome-software . x32 . --extra-depends '' -o


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