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Re: clear extra-depends for pocl/mips64el

On 2020-04-25 16:09, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
Andreas Beckmann <anbe@debian.org> (2020-04-24):
please clear the obsolete (and nowadays unsatisfiable)
  Extra-Depends: gcc-7 (>= 7.2.0-3)
for pocl om mips64el.

Hm, I had “gb -o” in mind, but that's only to clear the “failed”
status; I'd be happy to learn how to get rid of extra-depends
(https://release.debian.org/wanna-build.txt doesn't seem to list
anything relevant).

pkern@wuiet ~ % wanna-build -A mips64el --extra-depends= --override --give-back pocl_1.5-2 pocl: Forcing uninstallability mark to be removed. This is not permanent and might be reset with the next trigger run
pkern@wuiet ~ % wanna-build -A mips64el --info pocl
  Package             : pocl
  Version             : 1.5-2
  State               : Needs-Build
  Section             : misc
  Priority            : optional
  Installed-Version   : 0.13-2
  Previous-State      : BD-Uninstallable
  State-Change        : 2020-04-25 16:25:50.703388
  Build-time          : 7480
  CalculatedPri       : 23
  component           : main
  Distribution        : sid
  Notes               : uncompiled
Old-Failed : -------------------- 0.10-10 --------------------
  State-Days          : 0
  State-Time          : 17
  Success-build-time  : 4880

So I *think* that worked, because it calls update_source_info, setting the extra_depends field. The database query confirms that the field was cleared. I'm not sure if --extra-depends= was actually needed as --override is supposed to put the package back into Needs-Build anyway, from BD-Uninstallable.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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