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Re: Python buildd (was Re: let me help you with progressing bikesheds)


2018-03-07 12:01 GMT+01:00 Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org>:
> Has it been tested? Well, lightly. Unfortunately I'm not really allowed to
> touch the buildds as root so it's kinda hard to replace the existing ones
> given that stuff is enforced by Puppet. So I did a few builds on zemlinsky.
> Should it be tested on one or two? Yes. In theory it should work. :)
>>> There were concerns about how DSA wanted this to be packaged (essentially
>>> not at all).
>> Sorry I missed those concerns, could you expand on them or link to
>> discussion?
> I mostly worked on this with Aurelien and the concern seems to have been
> that DSA would prefer user-based services with linger rather than packages.

There are two ways to deploy it:
1. Get the code in buildd via DSA puppet.
2. Create Debian package, upload it, make a backport. Then it can be
deployed via backport.


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