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Re: let me help you with progressing bikesheds


On 26-02-18 14:28, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Friendly ping/send-again, now with an updated e-mail address for
> ftpmaster and add DSA into the loop.

Is really nobody interested in my help, or am I just too impatient and
are responses still pending? (Yes, I noted the response of Philipp). If
not, also please say so, so that I can focus my energy on something else.

> On 22-02-18 10:12, Paul Gevers wrote:
>> Technically my half year sabbatical leave has started last week. One of
>> the projects I put my mind to is to work on materializing bikesheds.
>> If I haven't missed progress, we are currently basically in the state
>> where Joerg brought us in 2015. I was wondering what work needs to be
>> done (and which first) to progress.
>> I found the dak bikeshed branch of Joerg¹. I guess what is needed now is
>> to rebase that branch on the current state of DAK and then start
>> experimenting with wanna-build to see how this could/should interface
>> with DAK to actually do the intended builds? Is that correct? (Does it
>> make sense for me to try and setup my own DAK and wanna-build to play
>> with this?)
>> Is there any documentation at all (or even code) about ideas on the
>> wanna-build side apart from the stuff that was discussed in the BOF at
>> Debconf15 in Heidelberg?
>> The DSA was also mentioned as stakeholder in this, should they be added
>> to this thread and if so, what is their role in this?
>> I hope you can help me to get started, such that I can help you to get
>> this long standing idea into a working state.
>> Paul
>> ¹ https://ftp-master.debian.org/users/joerg/dak.git/
> @wanna-build team: Neil suggested that instead of hacking on
> wanna-build, you may be interested to switch to e.g. OBS²? Not sure how
> I can help with such a task, but I am willing to dive into it.
> Paul
> ² http://openbuildservice.org/


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