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Re: issues upgrading wanna-build and it's web interface for buildd.raspbian.org .


Sorry for the late reply. I saw that you got some replies on IRC from
Aurélien about the issues mentioned below, but I don't like leaving mails
unanswered. :-)

Hopefully, this reply will be also useful to other persons.

On 04/06/2016 05:21, peter green wrote:
> From looking at *buildd.debian.org it seems 
> /srv/buildd.debian.org/etc/binsrc_assoc.php is a generated file but i'm not
> sure what is supposed to generate it. As a temporary measure I grabbed the
> file from the debian wanna-build server but i'd really like to know how it's
> generated so I can have a version that is updated frequently and that is
> correct for my distribution.

For now, it is generated using /srv/buildd.debian.org/bin/gen_srcbin_assoc.py
It is simple python script which makes a query to projectb (dak's dataabse) and
generates a PHP array. It is very easy to re-implement, if your installation
doesn't have a projectb database.

> I have failed to find any details or explanation of the "vancouvered" column 
> with my google searches and it does not seem to be in the schema files I got 
> from https://buildd.debian.org/git/wanna-build.git/ . As a temporary measure
> I hacked the code to not read that field but i'd still like to know what the 
> proper soloution is.

So, Aurélien updated the schema in the git repo. "vancouvered" architectures
are those shown with a darker background color in the interface. You can see
its content by connecting on buildd.debian.org:

wuiet$ echo "\d distribution_architectures" | psql service=wanna-build

wuiet$ echo "select * from distribution_architectures where \
distribution='jessie'" | psql service=wanna-build

> The final error seems to have been a newly introduced constant that needed to
> be set to a URL scheme (http or https) to use in generating urls.

The "BUILDD_SCHEME" constant is defined in library.php and is used only there.
Maybe a broken merge?



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