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Please giveback zsh 5.0.6-1 on mipsel (was: Please giveback zsh 5.0.6-1 on armhf)


Axel Beckert wrote:
> we currently experience occassional hangs (approximately in 5-10% of
> all builds on the buildds) of the script which executes the zsh test
> suite. It seems to happen across all architectures, at least the
> recent amd64 FTBFS has been solved by a giveback.

Plus the one on armhf. (Ivo was so kind to do the giveback.)

There's now a tracking bug for this issue:
https://bugs.debian.org/760061 (Cc'ed)

In the meanwhile the mipsel failed with a hanging test suite, too.
So please giveback zsh on mipsel, too:

  gb zsh_5.0.6-1 . mipsel

		Regards, Axel
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