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sbuild: multiarch build support

We've (Dima Kogan and I) just got support for multiarch builds working in sbuild.

This removes one blocker for having multiarch-built cross-toolchains in the archive.

If anyone at debconf can help us with applying this to the sbuild used
on buildds we'd love to be able to upload a cross-gcc package that
uses it so we can test other parts of the infra (wanna-build, dak,
britney). (The tests I just did were using https://buildd.debian.org/apt/pool/wheezy/sbuild_0.64.0-1+buildd20140816.0.dsc which I think is the right version)

The patch simply identifies explicit arch-qualified build-deps (of the
form libfoo:arch) and if present runs dpkg --add-foreign-architecture
arch (as it already does for cross-builds). Apt takes care of the rest.

The second part (for removing the arch after the build (on permanent
chroots)) needs more work as usually there are binaries of the foreign
arch installed so the arch-removal fails.

Comments on the code are welcome.

These patches apply to both the 0.64.0-1+build20140816.0 above and to
git master from git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/buildd-tools/sbuild.git

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