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Re: About setting up a local wanna-build instance

+++ Chen Baozi [2013-10-31 21:07 +0800]:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to set up a autobuilder network in a local environment.

> Right now, I've followed the wiki pages of "DebianWannaBuildInfrastructureOnOneServer" and "SetupBuildServiceForWanna-build". But I find it has insufficient information to make the whole system running.

> The wiki shows us how to setup the postgresql database used by wanna-build but seems not much infos about setting up the wanna-build service itself. I'm also wondering if there is any introduction to using wanna-build. How are Debian developers interact with this system?

> I used to package rpm on fedora's koji building system. As far as I understand right now, the wanna-build is something similar like koji-hub, while buildd plays a similar role as kojid in fedora. But I am not sure what kind of role the reprepro described in the wiki plays. Is it generating a local repository for buildd or taking charge of repository which the packages built by buildd would upload to? Does wanna-build provide a web interface for people to monitor the packaging and query the package it has built?

I can't help you with wanna-build itself (I don't grok how to set it up
either). Depending on what you want to do, various simpler systems might
be more appropriate. Wanna-build is famously awkward to set up.

I'd look at all of pybit, rebuildd and debile. (The last is not yet
packaged so far as I know).

I've tried rebuildd and pybit, but not debile yet.

Rebuildd is simple (uses sqlite and reprepro) and works quite well for
simple cases, but has a slightly ropey codebase so will crash if two
processes try to insert jobs at once, for example. It does not include
any webUI for the results. I have cross-build support for it (0.31) which I
really ought to update and submit sometime.

Pybit nicely deals with the database set-up for you and is the next step
up in complexity, with an external (could be remote) database. I set it
up without much difficulty but haven't really done any builds yet. It
includes a nice Web UI. 

Debile is arguably the best-supported but I don't know about its pros and cons yet.

Sbuild has had a branch intended to replace the hard-to-bootstrap
database bit of wanna-build for simple cases for a long time, but I
don't think it's quite made it to 'useable' state yet.

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