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Re: [pgstatus] [PATCH] Link to the buildd machine information from the architecture page.

On Mon, 2012-08-27 at 09:10 +0200, Philipp Kern wrote:

> Any idea how to make that sanely conditional for use with buildd.d.o only?
> (This information is not available on d-ports.o for instance.) 

Some more discussion from IRC:

<pabs> hmm, no phil. anyone else able to answer
<mehdi> pabs: debian-port's database refers to build daemons that are
not Debian machines.
<mehdi> Does that answer your question?
<pabs> mehdi: not quite, does the database of buildds have a field
saying if the buildd is a Debian machine or not?
<mehdi> "database of buildds"?
<mehdi> there is only a "builder" row containing strings
<mehdi> like "buildd_alpha-goetz"
<mehdi> s/row/column/ :/
<pabs> hmm, ok. I guess we need to add a config file containing one
line: $buildds_are_official = 1;
<mehdi> or, if you think about it in a different way, you may need an
url of a service like db.d.o/m.cgi
<mehdi> (because pgstatus is also used outside of Debian)
<mehdi> and even on buildd.d.o, we do use non-DSA'ed buildds
<mehdi> so even with a config file, …
<pabs> hmmm
<pabs> how about an extra column in the db with a URL to a page about
the machine?
<mehdi> do you really think an extra column for that is justified?
<mehdi> a new table would do it… but I dunno if we want that
<mehdi> phil is our DB architect
<pabs> I figure that both official and non-official buildds are used on
buildd.d.o and the non-official ones might have URLs that we could link
to, but they would probably not have any consistency
<pabs> mehdi: mind if I post what we discussed to the thread?
<mehdi> pabs: sure, no problem.



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