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Re: edos-(build)debcheck - the next generation

* Ralf Treinen (treinen@debian.org) [100726 22:50]:
> We are currently working on the next generation of edos-debcheck and
> edos-builddebcheck (and some other related tools) which will be based
> on a new library (dose3). So this is the best moment to rethink command
> line usage and output formats.

I'd like to specify an arch to use, and have both edos to ignore
packages of other arches, and satisfy the proper arch-specificy
depends (i.e. works with something like "Depends: a [linux-any], b
[i386 amd64]").

> Following the remarks and bug reports we received for the current
> edos-debcheck we made a proposal on
>   http://wiki.debian.org/EDOS/ProposalDose3

About packages appearing multiple times: What is the issue if the
packages are different in different versions? That's something normal
e.g. for experimental, and should be accepted.


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