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edos-(build)debcheck - the next generation


sorry if you receive this mail multiple times but I try to reach everybody
who is interested in edos-debcheck.

We are currently working on the next generation of edos-debcheck and
edos-builddebcheck (and some other related tools) which will be based
on a new library (dose3). So this is the best moment to rethink command
line usage and output formats.

Following the remarks and bug reports we received for the current
edos-debcheck we made a proposal on


Please have a look. The changes to command line options are probably not
very dramatic (however note that one would have to say explicitely when
one wants to use stdin). More important is the change in output format:
we propose a unique format based on YAML.

Zack and me will be at debconf, so if you are attending then please talk
to us. If we find an agreement then we will work after debconf to implement
the interface. We have already working programs which are just awaiting the
final definition of command line optins and output format, so this should
be quick now. Packages will be first put into experimental, until we are
certain that they can replace the old edos-debcheck. This means that they will 
not go into squeeze, unless there will be a dramatic change in the release


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