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Re: Architecture wildcard support in wanna-build

On Saturday 03 July 2010 13:11:11 Roger Leigh wrote:
> Hi Andres (and w-b folks),
> Sometime last year you provided some patches to allow proper
> architecture wildcard support in sbuild and wanna-build.  While
> sbuild currently has TTBOMK full support for architecture
> wildcards, as does the version of wanna-build in sbuild.git,
> I'm not sure that the "official" wanna-build in use on the
> buildds has got support yet.  This mail is just to check what
> the state of wanna-build support for architecture wildcards is,
> because if it's not implemented yet, it's the blocker for use
> of arch wildcards in build deps (and they are important to have).
> Could the w-b folks confirm if this is implemented yet (or not)?
> If not, is Andres patch sufficient to add support at this time?
> This is available in #501230 or directly from sbuild.git,
> commit c6127d36 (attached).  While it's in a different file in
> the official wanna-build, you can see the patch is fairly simple,
> so it shouldn't be hard to redo.
> Andres, would it be possible for you to redo the patch against
> the official wannabuild if you have time and the maintainers
> can't do this (if it's needed)?
> Thanks,
> Roger

As you probably realized, I don't really have time to look into this matter. 
Actually, all I've been able to test my patches against were on sbuild in 
unstable. I don't have time to work on any other version of sbuild.

One thing that I think will also be needed for proper architecture wildcard 
support will be to allow architecture wildcards for Packages-arch-specific. 
This requires fixing architecture wildcard support in quinn-diff, specifically 
bug #560058.

Andres Mejia

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