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Architecture wildcard support in wanna-build

Hi Andres (and w-b folks),

Sometime last year you provided some patches to allow proper
architecture wildcard support in sbuild and wanna-build.  While
sbuild currently has TTBOMK full support for architecture
wildcards, as does the version of wanna-build in sbuild.git,
I'm not sure that the "official" wanna-build in use on the
buildds has got support yet.  This mail is just to check what
the state of wanna-build support for architecture wildcards is,
because if it's not implemented yet, it's the blocker for use
of arch wildcards in build deps (and they are important to have).

Could the w-b folks confirm if this is implemented yet (or not)?

If not, is Andres patch sufficient to add support at this time?
This is available in #501230 or directly from sbuild.git,
commit c6127d36 (attached).  While it's in a different file in
the official wanna-build, you can see the patch is fairly simple,
so it shouldn't be hard to redo.

Andres, would it be possible for you to redo the patch against
the official wannabuild if you have time and the maintainers
can't do this (if it's needed)?


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