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Re: Document correct buildd chroot setup somewhere?

* Stefan Fritsch (sf@debian.org) [100405 11:56]:
> sources.list:
> - include source *and* binary lines for the security-master/buildd/ 
> dir (don't know what the dir is called exactly)
> - do not include incoming.debian.org
> - do not include s-p-u
> apt.config:
> - *disable* signature check because the buildd dir on security master 
> is not signed

The newest version of our buildd utils does this automatically correct
on new-style buildds (i.e. lvm chroots). Old-style buildds should be
less likly be affected, because they tend to have more chroots
(whereas on the new-style we do a lot of chroot cloning, like Phil

The newest version is however currently only installed on one buildd
(alkman) to see if something is broken; if there are no issues on that
machine till mid of the week or so I'll put that software on all


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