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Re: Document correct buildd chroot setup somewhere?

* Stefan Fritsch (sf@debian.org) [100405 11:56]:
> is the correct setup for the buildd chroots documented somewhere? I 
> frequently have to have the same discussions with buildd admins again 
> and again to have them fix the configuration of the stable-security 
> chroots. It would be easier if I could just point them to the 
> documentation. And maybe, if there was some documentation, the 
> configuration wouldn't be broken that often.

I'd welcome if we get an common understanding how things should be
working. I doubt that this currently exists.

> sources.list:
> - include source *and* binary lines for the security-master/buildd/ 
> dir (don't know what the dir is called exactly)
> - do not include incoming.debian.org
> - do not include s-p-u

We had an request to include p-u at least for oldstable because of
LaTeX some time ago. p-u these days includes only approved packages.
If you make up your mind one way or another, I'm happy to adjust all
chroots to the way they should be.

> apt.config:
> - *disable* signature check because the buildd dir on security master 
> is not signed

the https-transport sounds like a good idea. I'll check that.


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