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Re: Something fishy with java? sbuild/apt-get? edos?

On 08.12.2009 23:19, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
Niels Thykier<niels@thykier.net>  (08/12/2009):
For the babel case aptitude revealed the following problem:
default-jdk-builddep depends on gcj-jdk, which conflicts with gjdoc.

This is also the case for brltty; except the gjdoc is only an
indirect B-D.

Niels kindly reported the bug against java-gcj-compat-dev as #560093.

Since that wasn't caught by edos, I've opened #560099.

the mid-term solution is to use default-jdk. if gjdoc is a b-d, please change it to gcj-jdk-4.4 for now.

I'll see to have a temparary fix for this in the archive.


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