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General Resolution: withdraw defamation and WIPO action, recognize all Debian Developers are equal as co-authors

The Debian Developers hereby resolve to redact defamation from all
Debian infrastructure to the greatest extent technically possible,
including a rebase of version control repositories to remove offensive
content and malicious keychain demotions that were committed in the
past.  We feel this is an essential foundation to build mutual respect
and it is also necessary for compliance with privacy expectations.

We recognize that all contributors of intellectual property to
Debian have a joint interest in the Debian work that can not be
extinguished by dubious assertions of expulsion.

We recognize that the oppressive claim submitted to WIPO is comparable
to the federal persecution of Aaron Swartz that led to his suicide in
2013.  We withdraw the claim from WIPO immediately.

We cease all expenditure on the WIPO conflict and use the legal budget
to fund compassionate solutions to the problems in Debian and our community.


This is an anonymous motion that will be voted on if it achieves
sufficient seconders.

We can't insist on the privacy of debian-private while spreading smears
in the Debian keyring.  It is blatant hypocrisy.

Debian has a crisis every one or two years and each time it is handled
really badly.  We need to put aside these negative tactics, never use
them again and commit to finding positive strategies for dealing with

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