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General Resolution: Liquidate donated assets as soon as possible

Under 4.1.5 of the Constitution, the developers by way of GR are the
body who has the power to issue nontechnical statements.

This is a proposal for Debian to create a guideline for our TOs when
they receive donations of non-fiat assets.

It is a result of the constructive debate we had on debian-private, and
hopefully it will not be too divisive :)

==== Text of GR ====

Donations to the Debian project of assets other than the TO's currency
of choice should be liquidated as soon as possible.

==== End Text of GR ====

  ⣾⠁⢠⠒⠀⣿⡁  Louis-Philippe Véronneau
  ⢿⡄⠘⠷⠚⠋   pollo@debian.org / veronneau.org

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