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Re: General resolution: Condemn Russian invasion of the Ukraine

> Regarding the Russian law: It's a scare-mongering tactic, don't
> give in to it. There is no rule of law in Russia anyway, it's just
> a scam.

I have a feeling that it's somewhat hypocritical to ask Russians to go
in the streets and protest their government risking their lives while
sitting in the comfort of your home in Germany, warmed up with russian
gas and coal.

Condemning an invasion is one thing, but asking others to risk their
lives for the sake of your principles is a very different thing.

Salvo Tomaselli

"Io non mi sento obbligato a credere che lo stesso Dio che ci ha dotato di
senso, ragione ed intelletto intendesse che noi ne facessimo a meno."
                -- Galileo Galilei


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