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Re: General resolution: Condemn Russian invasion of the Ukraine

Steve Langasek wrote:
> "Our priorities are our users and Free Software" means that, in our decision
making and our governance we should be oriented FIRST towards users and do
what is good for the people who are using our software; and that our SECOND
priority, only when not in conflict in the first, is to promote Free

I agree with your message generally, and this might be only a minor
point -- but as I read that sentence, it doesn't say that our users
come FIRST and free software comes SECOND. To me, it says that we have
two priorities, with no particular ranking specified between them. The
order in which they are listed doesn't necessarily imply a ranking and
I don't think that was intended.

Of course software is only useful as long as it has users, so it may
be argued that users are "more important". But what you say seems to
go quite further than that. If users' needs have higher priority and
free software counts "only when not in conflict", then why isn't
Debian shipping non-free drivers?


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