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Re: FYI, Secret Ballots Proposal is Likely to Die for Lack of Support

On Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 03:34:09PM -0700, Sam Hartman wrote:
> My take is there's not currently enough support on debian-vote to bring
> it to a vote.

> I'd want to see several additional people express support on debian-vote
> before I'd feel comfortable proposing a GR.

Hi Sam,

thank you very much for your time spent on this issue.

I really would like all votes to be anonymous in principle.  Last year I
blogged about the possibility to crunch our vote data and cluster DDs by
affinity.  While I did not manage to do it myself, I am uncomfortable
with the idea that we provide machine-readable data that makes this kind
of approach likely to succeed one day.


Maybe the GR does not need to go deeply on the technical details and can
simply state the principles, define who choses the implementation, and
to what extend the final process can deviate from perfection.

I do not mind making a couple of concessions with practical challenges,
and if a few people have need to transiently access deanonymised data to
prove that there was no fraud, no problem.  I think that after enough
time for the results to be accepted, the deanonymised data should be
just deleted.

I think that we can also remove the tally sheets from the past votes
from our public servers.  Sure, they will stay forever in the Internet
Archive, but the point is that the amount, kind and scope of the data
that we publish ourselves should match our view about pricacy.  Not sure
if we really have a consensus but I think that we should refrain from
publishing personal data that does not serve a significant purpose.

Have a nice week-end,


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