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Re: General Resolution: Change the resolution process: results

Russ Allbery dijo [Mon, Jan 31, 2022 at 11:44:16AM -0800]:
> As the person proposing this GR, I think that's a perfectly reasonable
> stance to take, and to be quite honest one of my goals was to *not* give
> people a (negative) motivation to feel like they have to be involved.  My
> explicit goal (with one exception mentioned below) was to address various
> process bugs in a straightforward way consistent with how we've been
> informally behaving anyway.  My hope was that the result would be quite
> boring, and unless you're directly involved in a GR, hopefully no one will
> notice.
> The exception is the change to the maximum discussion length, as
> previously discussed, which is a real, substantive change.  However, not
> everyone is going to have a strong feeling about that one way or the
> other.

I think your GR brought up more than this change -- Clarification of
concepts, such as the "Further Discussion" → "None of the above" or
"Amendments" → "Ballot options" will increase readability of our
processes, and ease the way for newcomers to understand what's going

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