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Re: GR: Change the resolution process (2021-11-25 revision)

>>>>> "Russ" == Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:
    >>> 7. Proposing a general resolution.
    >>> When the Technical Committee proposes a general resolution or a
    >>> ballot option in a general resolution to the project under point
    >>> 4.2.1, it may delegate the authority to withdraw, amend, or make
    >>> minor changes to the ballot option to one of its members. If it
    >>> does not do so, these decisions must be made by resolution of
    >>> the Technical Committee.

    >> How do they delegate that? Using a resolution?

    Russ> That was what I was assuming because I don't think the TC has
    Russ> any other decision-making mechanism than that, but I guess
    Russ> that's not completely clear in the constitution.  Maybe add
    Russ> "(via a resolution)" after "delegate"?

I would object to this.  In particular I'd object to adding a
constitutional bar to the TC using some other decision making mechanism
were it to exist, or to making it easier to create such a mechanism.
I'd be happy to support adding text making it clear that delegation by
resolution is sufficient.  I just don't want to close out other

The only other such mechanism that  may exist today would be the TC
passing by resolution some operating procedures.
For example the TC might pass a general policy by resolution that unless
otherwise specified this power was delegated to the TC chair.
I don't want to handle the question of whether the TC can do that now,
and I certainly don't want to rule it out,
I'd object to exclusive language.

If someone feels the need I'd support something lik like adding "such as
by resolution".

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