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Re: Opposing strict time limits


i'm just following along, so please excuse my brief comments from the

On Mon, Oct 25, 2021 at 11:15:18AM -0600, Sam Hartman wrote:
> Wouter and I are going to disagree on this, but I actually think that
> the work I did during the latest systemd vote significantly helped move
> the discussion forward.  By trying to listen to various sides and trying
> to present several options I think I managed to frame the process in a
> way that was more constructive.
> I'm sure that process can be refined.  But I'd rather see DPLs do that
> work more rather than less.
> I also don't want to see that work restricted to the DPL.  In many cases
> I'd rather see ballot options drafted by people in the middle rather
> than by strong proponents of a polarized position.

actually I'm not so sure I want the DPL to be regularily involved in such
activities. Undoubtfully these activities are usefull, but I fear they
might be less useful when done by the DPL...

[this is a generic remark, not based on the systemd vote.]

> 1) Remember that we want to move toward secret ballots.

Do *we*, really? I'm not sure I like the idea but at least I recall some
people discussing this. Also I'm pretty sure many people^wDebian members have
not even heard this being discussed.


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