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Re: Opposing strict time limits

On Oct 22 2021, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> wrote:
> I also  believe that a ballot with options that were written by people
> who do not support that option will usually result in a cluttered
> ballot, with various options that are almost but not quite the same
> thing, and options that are irrelevant noise and which will never win. I
> think this behavior should be discouraged if not outright forbidden
> (although, again, I'm not sure how to forbid them),

How about something like this?

"My proposing or seconding a ballot option, every proposer/amender
commits to rank this option above FD and (in case of multiple ballot
options) higher than at least half of all the options. Should the
proposer/amender's ballot not confirm reflect this at the time of the
vote, proposer's/amender's vote will not be counted."


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