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Re: Draft proposal for resolution process change (v2)

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 09:58:23AM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> I think we should aim at shortening the voting period too, but likely not
> by much. I would make the voting period last at least 9 days (and no more
> than 14) with a requirement to include two week-ends. Then the secretary
> should have some leeway in fixing the start and the end based on his own
> availability.

Given the low voter turnout in most GRs, we should rather extend the
voting period to give more chance to DDs to vote. 
Here also, DDs that have participated to the debian-vote discussion will
be able to vote with full information as soon as the vote open.

For the others, this require allocating time to dig through the vote
options, and what are their actual effects, and decide on a ranking.
Not all developers can use their week-end for that task.

But it is precisely the input of the DDs that did not participate in the
discussion which is the most important for the project to get and that
the vote process is supposed to gather.

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here.

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