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Re: Draft proposal for resolution process changes

First off, let me say I have no objections to your positions on this. Also, I'm honestly not trying to argue in circles. I'm specifically trying to confine my replies to only newly presented issues.

On 10/10/21 1:41 PM, Russ Allbery wrote:
This wouldn't change anything if the TC vote result is further discussion,
since in that case there's no decision to override and, as you point out,
the GR would stay at a 2:1 majority required if the developers wanted to
exercise the powers of the TC.  (In practice, most likely the GR would be
phrased as a statement on issues of the day, which is technically
nonbinding and only requires a simple majority but which everyone is
likely to honor.)

Your comment about the "statement on issues of the day" made me think a bit... if it's the case that GRs will use "statement on issues of the day" to make decisions anyway (as e.g. on systemd), is that a reason to eliminate the 2:1 supermajority to _make_ TC decisions?

A related question... if a GR makes a decision, what's the situation with the TC overriding that at some point? In other words, if the developers make a decision in a GR, obviously the TC shouldn't immediately override it, but are we "stuck" with that GR decision forever even if facts change? I think the real-world answer to this is that if the facts change, the TC could change the position and if nobody objects, it's fine. If they do, then you get another GR.


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