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Question to the DPL candiates: secret ballots

Dear Jonathan and Sruthi,

I recently wrote on my blog « Like many GRs, it will divide Debian and
leave scars, at least a tally sheet of who voted what, and who voted
like whom. »  I would like to elaborate and ask you:

Would you as a developer agree to have all votes secret, and would you
as a DPL invest some time into making this happen ?

I think that our public votes are a vulnerability.  We are in an era of
data harvesting, global surveillance, and large-scale manipulations.  I
think that it would take little time to a junior analyst to compile the
tally sheets of our GRs, delineate the cracks in our community and find
on which people to press in order to push our project in directions we
do not want (including implosion).

Is that paranoia ?  Between big totalitarian states that might supsect
us of sympathy for their opponents, and big democracies of which we
openly defy the intelligence agencies, I would not be so surprised that
eventually, one tries to remind us to focus on being an excellent and
gratis package supermarket for XXIth century IT businesses, and nothing

Reality if of course more complex but I do not intend to write a whole
essay, so please forgive me for being simplistic.  This said, I think
it is time to vote anonymously.

I am looking forward reading your anwers !


Charles Plessy                         Nagahama, Yomitan, Okinawa, Japan
Tooting from work,           https://mastodon.technology/@charles_plessy
Tooting from home,                 https://framapiaf.org/@charles_plessy

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