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Re: Secret ballot and RMS Resolution

1 avril 2021 17:01 "Kurt Roeckx" <kurt@roeckx.be> a écrit:
> On Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 04:40:59PM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote: 
>> On Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 12:42:01PM +0000, Jean Duprat (Avignon) wrote:
>> Votes in leadership elections are kept secret even after the end of
>> the voting period for obvious reasons: by knowing that the ballot is
>> secret, voters can feel free to express their opinion as they see
>> fit. This constitutional guarantee sadly does not apply to General
>> Resolutions.
>> I think we're at opposite ends of the voting spectrum here on this
>> matter, but I share your concern.
>> In fact, I think that *any* position taken in this vote could result in
>> targeted harassment of the voters.
>> As this is a vote on a person (even if an indirect one, in the sense
>> that is not an election), most democratic systems will treat it as a
>> vote where ballots should be secret. But I fear that the Debian
>> Constitution ties the hands of the secretary here, or am I missing
>> something here Kurt?
> This would be a vote I would also like to see as secret. The
> constitution says:
> 3. Votes are taken by the Project Secretary. Votes, tallies, and
> results are not revealed during the voting period; after the vote
> the Project Secretary lists all the votes cast. The voting period
> is 2 weeks, but may be varied by up to 1 week by the Project
> Leader.
> While for DPL election it says:
> 5. The next two weeks are the polling period during which Developers
> may cast their votes. Votes in leadership elections are kept
> secret, even after the election is finished.
> You could say that "all the votes cast" could mean what was voted,
> now who voted what, but I think that conflicts with the intention
> of the text.

Could we get a Constitution Amendment GR passed along the lines of the

Provided that 2*Q developers demand it, votes are kept secret after
the vote ended.

(en_* advice welcome)


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