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Re: Announcing new decision making procedures for Debian

On 2021-03-31 19 h 12, Jessica Clarke wrote:
> On 1 Apr 2021, at 00:06, Alejandro Nadal <alexandronadal@gmail.com> wrote:
>> How will "the strength of the wording" be measured? I am not a DD, just a debian user, curious about the new process.
> Swearing and personal attacks are great ways to demonstrate your passion.
> Comparisons to communism, genocides and nazis are all particularly strong.
>> Also, doesn't this give more influence to those developers with more time to write more mails, if the number of messages will be taken into account?
> Yes; if you can’t find time to write the emails then you clearly care less than
> those who do make the time.
>> (If this message breaks the mailing list protocol in any way, I am deeply sorry, I am new to these debian mailing lists)
> Top-posting is awful and should be an instant rejection of any opinions 
for a
> GR IMO, same as non-plaintext replies and not line-wrapping.
> Jess
>> Alejandro Nadal
>> On Wed, Mar 31, 2021, 19:53 Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org> wrote:
>> Hello Debian Members,
>> For some time, we have been having systemic issues that make GR
>> discussions painful. GRs themselves shouldn't be painful, and don't need
>> to be. Having a chilling effect to using GRs hurts Debian, and as a
>> project we need a way to poll for consensus on project choices and
>> directions more often than not.
>> To overcome the current problems with GR discussions, we introduce a
>> replacement weighted democratic system. The new procedure is this:
>>  * A developer proposes an issue with a signed message on
>>    debian-vote@lists.debian.org .
>>  * Anyone can express their consent or dissent by replying to the
>>    message.
>>  * When the discussion eventually dies down, the Debian Secretary will
>>    review all messages and pronounce the winner.
>> This method makes the fair assumption that the energy spent in writing
>> messages to the discussion is related to the amount of insight a person
>> has on an issue, and how much they care about it. In particular:
>>  * The more messages a person writes, the more the person cares, and the
>>    more their opinion will be taken into account: people who only write
>>    every once in a while, clearly don't think the issue is important
>>    enough to deserve their real effort.
>>  * The more strongly worded replies are, the more the person cares, and
>>    the more their opinion will be taken into account: people who waste
>>    time with long, polite, well reasoned messages, clearly didn't care
>>    enough to get emotional about an issue.
>>  * The longer a person keeps writing, the more the person cares, and the
>>    more their opinion will be taken into account: people who give up,
>>    clearly didn't care enough to make themselves heard.
>> To avoid confusion, we'll maintain the same acronym as before. The new
>> system will be called Debian Grandiose Reflection.
>> The first GR using this scheme will concern the introduction of this
>> voting scheme for the future.
>> Enrico
>> -- 
>> GPG key: 4096R/634F4BD1E7AD5568 2009-05-08 Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org>

Just to be crystal clear if it wasn't already, this is all satire.

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