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Re: General resolution: ratify https://github.com/rms-open-letter/rms-open-letter.github.io

On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 10:12:47PM -0500, Michael Lustfield wrote:
> Choice X:
> The Debian Project disapproves of recent and past actions taken by FSF. With
> regards to the latest action (re-acceptance of RMS to the board), it now
> chooses to cut ties with the foundation. The Debian Project encourages members
> impacted by recent actions to sign the open letter.

Seconded. (Though I'm not fully sure the forms is correct, but maybe it's
And then, what does 'cut ties with the foundation' mean exactly? We certainly
won't stop shipping stuff where the copyright belongs to the FSF 8-) So probably
this should be specified a bit more?

> I would personally choose this because:
> - I have many problems with FSF, beyond this particular concern.
> - The concerns raised are irrelevant to me, but other concerns remain relevant.
> - Many (including DD's) clearly feel personally attacked by recent actions.
> tl;dr -- This is just Choice 2 with a separation from FSF.

I'm not sure how I'd rank this, but I do think this is an important and new
choice for the GR.


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