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Re: General resolution: ratify https://github.com/rms-open-letter/rms-open-letter.github.io

On 26/03/21 2:00 am, Sam Hartman wrote:
>>>>>> "Sruthi" == Sruthi Chandran <srud@disroot.org> writes:
>     Sruthi> I propose that instead of signing the said letter, Debian
>     Sruthi> issue a position statement. The text of the statement is
>     Sruthi> adapted from the statements by FSFE and EFF.
>     Sruthi> ==== Text of GR ====
>     Sruthi> Release a position statement with the following text.
> Can you please propose as an amendment to Steve's GR rather than as a
> separate GR?
> I'd rather have two ballot options than two separate votes.
> Also, we generally include the constitutional section (4.1.5) under
> which we're acting in a GR.
> See Sean's message as an example how to do this.
>     Sruthi> One crucial factor in making our community more inclusive is
>     Sruthi> to recognise and reflect when other people are offended or
>     Sruthi> harmed by our own actions and consider this feedback in
> Would you be willing to drop the word offended from the above?
> I think that focusing on offense rather than harm detracts from the
> power of the progressive agenda and of moving for social justice.
> It's not about political correctness or a bunch of people running around
> with sensitive natures taking offense at whatever they can.
> It's about recognizing the pain others are feeling, developing empathy
> with them, and working to reduce that pain and foster respect.
> Making it about offense gives people who disagree with social justice
> work an easy way to trivialize what we're doing.
> --Sam


Thanks for the pointers. Will update accordingly.

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